Das Klangei


Bengali lullaby

The song from Bangladesh is suitable for


  • for birth preparation,

  • to the obstetrician,

  • for the baby massage and naturally also

  • as a lullaby when the little one is born.

  • for small children, because it promotes learning with all the senses and

  • for all big children, who want to do themselves good among other things also to meditate and fall asleep. Ami Tomake gives security and solidarity. 

  • Playing time 42 minutes, including sing-along version.

Bengali lullaby for the Klangei 

Ami tomake balobashi baby means very simple:

"I love you, baby!"

This is a magical gift for someone who is pregnant or giving birth and of course for small children, because the Klangei promotes learning with all the senses. 


You can choose:

  • with or without Klangei (if you already have one)

  • the Klangei with three sound world titles, which fit especially for birth and children 

  • the Klangei with all 12 sound worlds, i.e. with 12 hours of meditative music by Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral and of course always with AMI TOMAKE 

Klangei SET 2 - with Ami Tomake and 39 soundworlds

Klangei SET 2 - with Ami Tomake and 39 soundworlds

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You already have a Klangei? How beautiful! 

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