The new
Chakren Balance
from Monika Kefer & Andy Eicher

Chakren Balance

Chakras Balance is a new form of phonophoresis that uses sound to transmit the vibrations of the earth, moon, sun and planets to the body.

Chakren Balance is especially designed for the body application of Monika Kefer and realized in collaboration with Andy Eicher. 


New is not only that the frequencies are individually selectable, but also the 40 minutes earth sound meditation, 3 selected sound worlds and a beautiful application poster. 

The vibrations act via aura, acupuncture, meridian and chakra points. They flow through the body via the given meridians and help to stimulate the body's own self-healing and regenerative powers.

The musculature relaxes - well-being sets in.
Where too much, there less - Where too little, there more!

Videos for use on the body

The body glider

The body glider for the application of the sound ice on the body. This makes the chakra balance even more elegant. Monika Kefer has been experimenting with different variants of the body glider for over a year and has always optimized it so that we can now let it go in wide circles! Monika makes special seminars to your form of the sound massage with the Klangei and the body glider. You can find the dates on her website. 

NEW! Klangei SET 5 - with chakras balance, 3 soundworlds and body glides


Chakren Balance/body glider without Klangei

If you already own a Klangei, you can also buy the body glider and/or the SD card Chakren Balance. 

NEW! SD card chakras balance with body glider


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