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The Klangei in gold or platinum
  • .... it vibrates and spreads waves of joy, abundance, love and creates space for vibrating music for your soul.

  • Imagine listening to the music and feeling it with each of your cells. Experiment with it, hold the Klangei to your chest, your head and let yourself be surprised how it works to hear and feel the Klangei behind your ear.

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How it works?
  • The egg does not have its own loudspeaker, but transmits the vibration to each resonating body. We are always surprised by the possible applications of the Klangeis: it sticks to any smooth surface with the suction cup, sets the outside and inside vibrating and thus transmits the sound.

  • On a table, at the window, at the edge of the bathtub, in the car, on the treatment table during massages and much more. With the Klangei you have your music always and everywhere with you, whether on journeys or at home, just relax ...

What it does?
  • Almost 12 hours of vibrating music for your soul. No matter whether you just want to relax or concentrate on your work.

  • Choose your mood! 

  • The Klangei transmits the vibrations of the music to any surface that resonates with it and spreads good vibrations.  

  • Small and always ready to hand. Whether on journeys, at home or at work.

Ideal for ... 

Trainers/coaches/spiritual teachers who want to create the right learning climate anytime and anywhere and also want to transport their own stories and trances.

Children love the Klangei. To fall asleep and to calm down. It is especially beautiful for expectant mothers!

Teachers from the crawling room to the learning group who want to create a relaxed, joyful learning atmosphere.

Wellness/beauty areas: There, the Klangei supports the feel-good atmosphere of your customers.

Hospitals and therapists use the Klangei to support the healing process.

Hotel business - conjure up the mood with the Klangei and spoil your guests with it.

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Enrich the Klangei with your ideas

Create your personal playlists on Micro SD card with your vibrating trances, stories, sounds and more.

Open up new sound spaces and offer your customers your very special sound landscape with the sound worlds and your ideas.

the Klangei is ideal for music that conveys relaxation, silence and meditation.

Experiment with it, be surprised!


good vibes to you



Yvonne & Andy

ps: If you would like to sell the Klangei in your seminars/groups, simply contact us. We have special discounts for you, according to the motto: abundance for everyone.

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