Das Klangei



feel the sound

There are many sound loungers and only one Klangei lounger. It is unique in form, construction, sound and vibration. 

From one piece, in one swing, without interruptions. It goes ideally with the frequencies of the Klangeis into oscillation and makes so the sound optimally perceptible. Almost 14 hours of relaxation music, specially composed for the Klangei, are included in the Klangei.  Every single one of the compositions brings you into harmony, in harmony with yourself and with the enclosed poster you can simply choose the mood that does you good at the moment. The Klangei is already mounted on the Klangei couch. All you have to do is choose your colour. 


  • The thickness of the wood is precisely adjusted and the shape ergonomically adapted to the body for optimal relaxation.

  • The development work took a lot of time and we were surprised with an even better sound than we could ever have dreamed of.

  • Even for guided mental journeys, meditations and trances, the Klangei lounger is optimally tuned and the voice comes into its own. 

  • The top layer, which is pressed in a complex manufacturing process into the form of a couch, is made of Swiss stone pine and thus has a calming effect. 

  • The inner layer is in spruce and ideally suited for transmitting the sound.

  • Each individual couch is produced in Austria by hand to order.

  • Almost any desired wood surface is possible for an extra charge. 

  • Another advantage over many sound couches is that you do not need a second person to fully enjoy a sound massage. 

  • Incl. aroma cushion, which is not only comfortable, but also transmits the sound well and also enriches the sense of smell with the seven herbs resting mixture and many Swiss stone pine planing flakes. The cushion is printed by Geschützte Werkstätten Integrative Betriebe Salzburg GmbH.

Fields of application:

  • your very own personal wellness oasis for good vibes

  • enjoy sound therapy and massage without a second person

  • Especially for all those who offer therapy applications, whether sound therapists, physiotherapists, masseurs, doctors, wellness rooms in hotels ... the Klangei lounger offers special possibilities:

  • You can create applications without having to be directly involved.

  • The Klangei lounger is also ideal for bridging waiting times. 

  • Highlight in a practice  

  • Waiting room at the dentist etc. 

  • OP preparation

  • In the wellness area of hotels 

  • To conclude or to prepare massages, therapies

  • As an independent application in the therapeutic field

Klangei lounger

Klangei lounger



You are welcome to visit us in Garsten in Austria and experience the Klangei lounger live. Please make an appointment so that we can take enough time for you. 

Ja, ich möchte die Klangei Liege live erleben und beraten werden

Phone number: 0043 (0)650 5511198

We are available from 9 to 12  by phone and always call back when you leave us a message!