Your Klangei is sick? 

We grant you 1 year warranty for your Klangei!
ATTENTION: Eggs sent unfree and unannounced
will not be accepted! Send your Klangei only after you
have filled out this form and received a return form from us!
We are getting completely healthy Eggs again and again and that is a lot of effort for all of us. Therefore, please watch the video where Andy explains everything in detail and on our FAQ page you will often find the solution.  Often small "diseases" can be cured. Then tell us about the symptoms and if you bought it up to 1 year ago, still have the invoice and the original packaging, we will be happy to replace it for you.  
If it's been a while since you bought your Klangei, just get in touch. We have ideas about that too.

Fill out this form and send us your sick Klangei to the following address:

vibrating music OG
Windnerstrasse. 25a/1,
4451 Garsten, Austria

Phone: +43 650 5511198


Postal parcels not prepaid will not be accepted! We will send you a shipping note from DPD. 

If you bought your Klangei in our webshop you don't need to send the invoice - we have you in our customer file. If you bought the Klangei from one of our partners, please enclose the invoice. 

 Please print out the form and enclose it with the package.

Phone number: 0043 (0)650 5511198

We are available from 9 to 12  by phone and always call back when you leave us a message!