The vibrating music Team 

If you want to find out the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla.

Andy Eicher and Yvonne van Dyck founded the vibrating music OG on July 13, 2016 and made it their task to make music & sound felt - and subsequently visible!


The goal is to spread "good vibes"!

Alfred Liebscher


Alfred is the shipping expert on the team. With his perfectionism, Alfred makes sure that your parcels leave the Klangei Nest as carefully and quickly as possible. Alfred is also a computer expert. A real nerd when it comes to Windows!

Bettina Eicher


Bettina is the health expert and office manager in the team. With her training as a certified health nurse and certified health pedagogue for children, she brings the necessary know-how for all questions around the topic Klangei and health with her. 


Her second passion is intuitive painting. In her studio, among many other works, the wonderful cover pictures of Ami Tomake and Somnia were created. Bettina is the best contact when it comes to health and children. In addition, she always has a total overview of all orders in the webshop.

Andy Eicher

Music, Technology

Andy is the founder of vibrating music and music - and technical expert in the team. He composes the music for the Klangei in his own recording studio. 


With the edition "klangwelten" Andy started his vocation to compose music for the soul in 2003. Since then, countless works have been created. Especially for the Klangei he created the edition "Somnia", which invites you to dive deep into his sound collages. Andy is the contact person when it comes to music and technical questions about the Klangei, but also about the best coffee in the house. :-)

Yvonne van Dyck

Marketing, Cooperations

Yvonne is the founder of vibrating music and the marketing expert in the team. When it comes to advertising, sales, communication and social media, Yvonne is our specialist. ....


Since 1999 she has been self-employed as "IdeRealistin" with her id' institute and has accompanied many creative people, their! To find ideas, to spread them and to give them momentum. Yvonne is also the contact person for resellers and cooperation partners and conducts interviews with sound partners. 

our vibes 

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We are available from 9 to 12  by phone and always call back when you leave us a message!