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Let your body and mind become calm. Enter the world of SOMNIA - a world only for you, without time and without limits.


SOMNIA was composed especially for deep relaxation on the basis of the Solfeggio frequencies for sleeping, learning, meditating, yoga, visioning and focusing by Andy Eicher .

The cover picture was created by Bettina Eicher .


H ere you can listen in SOMNIA


  • 6 songs - playing time 73 minutes

SOMNIA can also be translated with chakras using the solfeggiofrequencies.
The assignment to the chakras is only one classification. Above all, we want to encourage you to try YOURSELF. Trust your inner guidance and experiment what SOMNIA can do for you!


1.OTIUM - Root Chakra

Solfeggio: 396 Hz - Get rid of guilt and fear


2. SUBTILIS - Sacral Chakra

Solfeggio: 417 Hz - to facilitate changes, to break away from traumatic events


3. AMPLITUDO - Solar plexus chakra

Solfeggio: 528 Hz - The "wonder frequency": repairing DNA, finding self-love and self-esteem


4. INFINITUS - Heart chakra

Solfeggio: 639 Hz - Reinforce harmonious relationship with our fellow human beings and partners


5. RORO - throat chakra

Solfeggio: 741 Hz - awaken intuition and instinct


6. CLARITAS - forehead chakra

Solfeggio: 852 Hz - Find the "spiritual order"